Industrial Filaments

Tepar Tekstil is a global supplier of high tenacity filament yarns for all types of industrial applications such as NARROW and BROAD FABRICS, CORDAGE and NETTING, SLINGS, HOSES, REINFORCEMENTS, MECHANICAL RUBBER GOODS (MRG), GEOTEXTILES and INDUSTRIAL SEWING THREADS.

Our portfolio contains a large variety of yarn types and counts in Polyester and Nylon 66, high tenacity yarns.

Special requirements such as customized twist constructions, colors, make-ups or quantities can be fulfilled.

Other yarn types / materials not listed here can be offered on request

Item Application

  1. Coated & Laminated Fabrics: Truck canvas, tent, beach chair material, sunshading cloth, advertising board, tarpaulin, awning, flag, protection cover, gloves, airbag, inflatable swimming pool, pneumatic boat, havercraft.
  2. Filter Fabrics: Filter cloth for liquid, filter cloth for gas, filter cloth for oil, electronic filter cloth.
  3. Rubber Reinforcement materials: Tire cord, conveyor belt, soft pipes, v-belt, treadmill rubber, firehose.
  4. Geo textiles: Sifting cloth, (landfill) filter cloth, grill net, drain cloth, construction cloth.
  5. Ropes and Nets: Core cable, industrial joint stock burning cable, cover core cable, electric wire cable, sewing thread, fishing net, fixed net, coral net, safety rope, anchor rope, oil containment booms, building protection net.
  6. Narrow Fabrics: Seatbelt, sling, cargo liner, zip belt, curtain belt, hat belt, elastic band, frill band, mark band, spindle band, copying band, industrial band, industrial frill band, frill-less band.
  7. Other fabrics: Shoe lining, shoe cloth, parachute, seatbelt, artificial leather, safety apparel, beach bench cloth, sunblind cloth.