As one of Leaders of innovative Filament Yarn manufacturer, Tepar Products various and differentiated polyester yarns from regular yarns to high functional specialty yarns in order to create high values for customers.

In particular, Tepar has successfully developed high technology intensive synthetic yarns including a quick-drying yarn, antimicrobial yarn, hollow-core yarn good color fastness yarn, flame retardant yarn elastic polyester yarn , micro fiber, in order to meet customers’ needs and create a differentiated product market based on endless research. Tepar has recently enhanced the development of eco-friendly fibers by launching the first recycled polyester fiber in Turkey, Ecofil, strengthen its position as an eco-conscious company by obtaining Eco-Mark from the Japan Environment Association as well as GRS (Global Recycle Standard) from CONTROL UNION

Product Lines

Ranging from extremely useful environment-friendly products to unmatched fiber materials produced by advanced technologies such as conjugate spinning, polymer modification, maximized and minimized denier, and modified cross sections, approximately 70% of Tepar Tekstil’s polyester filament products are high value-added products. Tepar will continue to develop high-quality polyester filaments through ceaseless research.

Functional Yarns