Flame Retardant Polyester of P (phosphorus) Staple Fibers, Certified in Europe,USA and Japan


  • Slow combustion and self-extinguishment ; poly-phosphoric acid is created from flame retardant agent by pyrolysis when burning , Poly-phosphoric acid is formed a kind of carbon layer (like charcoal) and it cuts off oxygen & ignition energy
  • Flame Retardant agent is anchored into polymer chain, Flame Retardant performance does not decrease by usgae or time
  • P (phosphorus) type flame retardant is used. This fiber is an environmental friendly product which does not generate harmfull gas such as dioxin or furan when burning


  • Interior: Curtain,Upholstery,Tablecloth,Carpet, Mat İnterior fabrics for car, ship and aircraft
  • Bedding: Bedcloths,Quilt,Cushion, Fabrics for floor
  • Garment: Baby wear,Children's night wear, Work Wear
  • Others: Blinder, Air Filter, Wall Paper


  • Denier: 1.2,1.4,2.0,3.0,6.0,7.0,10.0, 12.0, 15.0
  • Length: 32,38,51,64mm
  • Luster: SD, SBR,OB
  • Remarks: Direct Spinning