The UHMWPE Fibre (VALENS) made by us is of excellent characteristics such as high strength, high modulus, low density, abrasion and impact resistance, reagent durability, high hydrophobic, biocompatibility and anti-UV, etc. The product also shows good characteristics in resistance to (sea) water, moisture, mildew, fatigue durability and long flexing life, etc. UHMWPE Fiber has a melting point between 144 and 152 º C depending on the test method used. The tenacity and modulus decrease at higher temperatures but increase at sub-zero temperatures. There is no brittle point found as low as minus 150ºC, so the fiber can be used between this temperature and the 80 to 100ºC. Brief exposure to much higher temperatures will not cause any serious loss of properties. Available from den 50 up to 4800.