Polypropylene Air Jet Textured Yarns .Polyester Coated Yarn.

Polypropylene "TASLAN" with the advantage of the lower specific weight of PP. This allows lighter weaves with an equal covering or a more compact fabric with an equal weight.

Polyester den 230 in 1 kg., that is Km. (1000/330) 10=Km. 30,30

TEPAR yarns den 217 in 1 kg., that is Km. (1000/210) 10= Km. 46,08

  • Produced and pigmented without the use of hazardous chemicals and environmentally-harmful dyestuffs (e.g. AZO acids)
  • Less weight is needed to achieve the same volume or feel
  • o Has a surface which is impossible to moisten
  • Has a very strong resistance to chemicals
  • Light resistance
  • Fastness to rubbing and washing is significantly better than piece dyed Polyester
  • Always feels warm and dry
  • Does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Unaffected in both strength and dimensions by contact with water
  • Non Allergic
  • Fell soft and Neutral

PP Yarns uses are: Upholstery Fabrics, Seating Fabrics, Carpets, Contract, Clothes ...

Available in;

  • AJT 340/172 SD-RD
  • AJT 750/344 SD-RD
  • AJT 1100/516 SD-RD
  • AJT 2200/1032 SD-RD
  • Other counts available upon request
  • Available in unicolor or mélange