SAKURA™ textured split yarn has a soft touch and excellent drape and a superiors and effect compared to the more Conventional monofilament Yarns .

SAKURA™ is one of the world’s few evenly crimped fabrics made with technology developed by Tepar.

SAKURA™ has a shiny transparent look that naturally crates highly expressive shadows. Moreover, despite being extremely thin and light, it is hard to tear. This high added-value fabric combines a delicate graceful look with useful function.

SAKURA™ Yarns Features;

  • SAKURA™ yarns has also excellent physical and chemical proper ties, hence, it is suitable for final processing through its Outstanding dyeing ability.
  • SAKURA™ yarns can be used in warp and weft

Available in;

  • DTY: 180F10, 200F10, 220F12, 18f1, 20f1, 30f1
  • Flame Retardant, Dope Dyed Black, Cationic, Semi dull, Bright, Split able