Special Cross Sectioned Stretch PET Yarn

Mirus air jeans are made from a fabric which is 20% lighter than typical denim and offers 15% more stretch than a regular pair of jeans.

Mirus™ is special cross-sectioned polyester yarn developed with original technology, which possesses lightweight characteristics ideal for the production of comfortable fabrics.


Reduction of weight by 30, 50% and more with soluble Special type cross section

Water-Absorbent but Quick-Dying

The vertical aperture helps you maintain feel dry and crispy feel by absorbing and releasing sweat rapidly.


The hollow part of the fiber features excellent heat retention.

Unique Fiber Structure

The pore and void is created as the middle part of the Special type cross section is dissolved.

Comfortable Feel

The filer provides cushion effect along with refreshing and pleasant touch.

Stretchy and Lofty

Tepar’s false twist processing on the fiber to increase stretch or bulky property as it is basically the same as existing polyester or nylon until the middle part of Special type cross section is dissolved.

It is preserved as the Special type cross section after dissolution.