Research & Development

Research Centers

Innovative Technologies

Tepar Tekstil has contributed, through its technology research center established in 2009 to the development of chemical materials technology that improves the quality of life, ranging from the clothes that people wear to the water that they drink and next-generation display materials.

Drawing on its polyester resin and fiber manufacturing technologies that it has accumulated since its foundation, Tepar Tekstil became Turkey's first company to commercialize Polyamide 66 High Tenacity Air Jet Textuıred Yarn (DURAFIL) and It also developed In addition, Tepar Tekstil realigned its technology development management system and introduced a new technology asset management system, successfully promoting process improvements and enhancing technology competitiveness. It maximizes research productivity through innovation.

Tepar Tekstil has established a master plan for technology development strategy to secure technology competitiveness for the future in the environment, energy, and new materials, which are the company's strategic business areas. Based on the master plan, Tepar Tekstil will actively promote development of materials for omponents of alternative energy, the most important issue in the future, to lay the foundation for new businesses. In the mid to long term, it will conduct research and development in fine chemistry and biotechnology.

Production Technology Center

The Production Technology Centers at Tepar Tekstil 's plants including Hadımköy Plants 1 & 2 priority on securing basic technologies to expand the existing business lines of fibers, textiles, filters, and display materials and developing new products to realize greater customer value.