Research & Development

Research Areas

Creative Management through R&D

To improve competitiveness and explore new growth opportunities, Tepar Tekstil develops 'unmatched' and 'environment-friendly' products to provide the value customers need. We will focus on building an optimal R&D system and achieving innovation of performance and technology to realize mutual growth with customers.

Based on the core fundamental technology for spinning and polymerization of polyester fiber, Tepar Tekstil is developing new products and manufacturing process technology to improve productivity. We concentrate especially on developing clothing materials with high performance functions such as shape memory, anti-bacterial action, and stretch and fiber materials for industrial use including flame retardant and low-temperature melting fiber. New materials for filaments: Materials for apparel and non-apparel such as flame-retardant, low-temperature melting, quick absorbing and drying, stretching, shape memory, anti-bacterial, and composite textured yarn.